The Team

Anthony Veluz

Anthony is The Socent Connection.

He promotes social enterprise and connects people with them.

An International Law graduate turned social entrepreneur, educator, consumer and fan, Anthony promotes social enterprise in different ways from workshops to lectures to business challenges and guest talks. He always has social enterprise products on hand so he’s effectively a walking, talking human billboard. Story telling is what Anthony does; he has a way to tell the story and journey of social enterprise and the people he comes across.

Anthony has a degree in Law and Business Studies, and a Masters in International Law from the University of Lincoln. He has also volunteered for numerous charities including Children’s Bereavement Centre and Action For Children, and worked for and represented numerous social enterprises including, Elephant Branded, GiveMeTap and LSTN Sound Co, representing them all across the UK.

In his spare time, Anthony likes to play badminton, do ParkRun when he can, dance at every opportunity, and explore new social enterprises…although with the latter, could that be classed as work? He enjoys what he does and will always refer to that line in Flashdance – take your passion, and make it happen.

What Anthony brings to you

  • Cool Products

  • Knowledge of Social Enterprise

  • Links to Social Enterprise

  • Positive Vibes (Veluz Vibes)

Even though Anthony is The Socent Connection, there are other people that help complete the puzzle.

Zachary Claret-Scott

During university Zachary started a mobile app and web design agency with another student at the University of Lincoln, Probably Rational. Over the course of two years they focused their skills and now work full time for a range of different clients.

At university, Zachary achieved a degree in Computer Science and was president of the Computing Society, organising events such as CanJam and hackathons. He is also an active member of the Enterprise Network in Lincoln.

Zachary specialises in back end web development and technical solutions to business challenges as well as photography and social media.

In his spare time, Zach likes to hone in on his photography skills and even takes promotional photos for Anthony and The Socent Connection.

What Zachary brings to The Socent Connection

  • Photography

  • Connections to Awesome Discounts

  • Kick Ass Merchandise Ideas

  • The Tech Know-how

Michael Booley

Michael is currently studying a Bachelors Degree in Physics at the University of Hull.

Previously, Michael was involved with the Royal Marines Cadets in which he was appointed the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet of Lincolnshire. Following this, Michael has continued to volunteer for various charities and has taken part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) where he met Anthony. After completing NCS, Michael joined Anthony and helped him run the business challenge section of the NCS course; for other cohorts. As well as this, Michael became the second UK Brand Ambassadors for LSTN Headphones with Anthony being the first.

Nowadays, Michael continues his work as a Brand Ambassador and studies for his degree. Occasionally, Michael will jump in and continue to help Anthony run business challenges for NCS participants.

In his spare time, Michael works as a bartender at a small pub/restaurant near his hometown. He also, using headphones from LSTN, spends time working on his DJ skills; hosting various themed parties for his friends at university and back home.

What Michael brings to The Socent Connection

  • The Music

  • The LSTN'er of The Team

  • Business Challenge Collaborator

  • Computer Skills (Introducing Prezi to Anthony)

Louise Lee

Louise specialises in illustration, branding and web design. She enjoys creating new cutting-edge digital materials and engaging content for users, design-based approach to problem solving to produce the best visual design and communication, building an idea from complex briefs, taking it from start to finish through forward thinking design that breathes creativity.

She has a degree in Graphic Communication and Illustration from Loughborough University, of which Louise studied between 2012-2015. As well as this, Louise is trained with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Lightroom, Fireworks, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro.

In her spare time, Louise enjoys playing the piano. She is a music fanatic, yoga, zumba and a firm Les Mills fitness believer. She loves astronomy, travelling and making vlogs.

What Louise brings to The Socent Connection

  • Logo

  • Creativity

  • Graphic Design

  • Awesome Business Cards from Moo


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