Prizes for both the business challenge and side challenge (GiveMeTap box challenge)
Social Enterprise products on display for the NCS students as a reference for inspiration
Presenting the business challenge on NCS to young people across Lincolnshire at Bishop Grosseteste

What is social enterprise?

Social enterprises are just like any business, but with one difference.

Social enterprises can be anything…

Social enterprises sell either a product or a service like normal businesses and re-invest their profits on positive causes tackling social and/or environmental challenges.

Social Enterprises

Find a Social Enterprise that fits the piece to your puzzle

It makes good business sense

Social enterprises are still businesses – The more you make, the greater the impact.

Having a social aspect to your business can give you a competitive advantage over your competition.


Below are some examples of Social Enterprises that Anthony works / worked for:

Elephant Branded

Elephant Branded supports education in the developing world through making and selling products from recycled material. These sales allow Elephant Branded to provide ergonomically designed school kits to children in Africa and Asia, delivered by partner organisations working on the ground. This ensures that every purchase makes a positive change to someone’s life.

Find out more about Elephant Branded


GiveMeTap is a socially responsible company whose mission is to hydrate the world. They do this by selling reusable bottles which fund water projects in Africa, giving a person in Africa five years access to clean water.

One reusable GiveMeTap bottle gives a person in Africa five years access to clean water.

Water refills for you…clean water for everyone.

Find out more about GiveMeTap


LSTN is a social enterprise that sells unique headphones made from reclaimed wood and for every pair of headphones purchased, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Find out more about LSTN


The EBP is a social enterprise developing the skills of young people through a range of programmes including…


NCS (National Citizen Service)


Mission Mentor

Find out more about EBP

We enjoy social enterprise products on a daily basis…

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