In today’s environment, companies and organisations are always under the microscope and in public view, leaving them open to scrutiny. Corporate scandals and bad practice have damaged companies in the past and can be quite expensive to remedy. Anthony developed a keen interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance during his business and law studies at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A lot of companies will look at CSR, some more than others. While it is not a legal requirement, organisations feel the need to undertake some form of CSR and there is legislation out there that can guide companies on the social and environmental aspects of their business activity. There are requirements laid out in the Companies Act 2006 but there are many more legislation in the UK that can be applicable i.e. the Equality Act 2010 and Employment Act 2008. The list isn’t exhaustive and will, no doubt, grow over time.

The Bottom Line

When we hear about the ‘bottom line’, what we’re now seeing is a ‘triple bottom line’ – financial figures, social figures, and environmental figures – three lots of data – three bottom lines. Stakeholders require organisations to look at not just the financial profit or loss, but also the profit or loss of social and environment. This all leads on to sustainability. This is an area that is so important today, as the most sustainable businesses are the ones that, not only survive, but thrive.

Businesses are important

Anthony sees businesses as important actors in the world. While it’s unclear if a good and fair society can be created with the help of companies, it’s almost certain that it cannot be created without them. Businesses have a responsibility to become moral actors. They have the potential to be the greatest force for good.

He believes looking at social action, social enterprise, social innovation and social impact could be a solution for many companies’ need to become more sustainable. Having worked in social enterprise since 2012, for a number of organisations in the sector, Anthony has seen how businesses can make an impact in communities ranging from local to regional, national and even international impact.

Here at The Socent Connection, everything is tailored to you…

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If you are interested in having your organisation and employees getting involved in initiatives and projects that has the potential to create impact, Anthony can compile and develop different courses, workshops and challenges tailored to your organisation.

He will help you develop an awareness of why corporate social responsibility and sustainability are important, and how looking at social enterprise examples can help you develop effective social action through initiatives and projects. Thinking sustainably can create impact which not only benefits a given community but also your organisation and employees. Anthony can help you devise a strategy which can be incorporated into day-to-day business.

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“Go out in the world and do well. But also go out in the world and do good.”


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