Valentine’s Day 2019: Give the gift of Giving!

Valentine’s Day has always been about couples, love, family and fun! It’s about wholesome expressions of love and couples focusing on enjoying the experience of being together throughout a day that is set to commemorate the positivity that comes from being in love.

But there is much more to Valentine’s Day than just romance! Love is in the air, along with positivity, happiness and sunshine (even if it is cloudy!).

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is otherwise known as the Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day, originating from the old Christian celebrations commemorating one or two Christian Saints, named Valentine.

Each year, it is celebrated on the 14th of February all over the world, especially in the West. Rather than a Christian Holiday, it has become associated with romance and love, although it does not have an official holiday status in all regions of the world.

Some cultures see children buying heart stickers and exchanging them with school peers, trying to see who receives the most hearts! Valentine’s Day also becomes an alternative version of Mother’s or Teacher’s Day – school kids give out the remaining stickers to their parents and teachers as a sign of respect.

So, over the years, Valentine’s Day has become something much more than a universal celebration of love, rather than pure romance amongst couples. When even children are performing good deeds and showing their appreciation to their families and teachers, it is evident that the 14th of February is truly a date to look forward to.

Social Enterprise: Sharing positivity and making the world a better place on Valentine’s Day

Even though Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, business doesn’t stop there. Couples need to have their chocolate and Italian restaurant fix, kids need to have their heart-shaped stickers and the whole community needs to go outside and share the happiness of a wonderful holiday!

Social Enterprise does just that, every day of the year, every year. The role of social enterprise is to make an impact through socially oriented consumerism – the concept relies on the fact that your buying decisions have a direct impact on yourself, your family, your environment and the world.

The Socent Connection promotes social enterprises to people, giving them an opportunity to connect with the many amazing companies within the sector. The Socent Connection wishes to inspire the next generation of change makers – and that means you!

By purchasing goods or using the services which are delivered to you by social enterprises, you adopt the set of ideas hiding behind social enterprises – being good, consuming responsibly, taking care of your environment, caring for the homeless or less well-off, caring for the elderly and children in developing nations – the list goes on and on.

Social products for Valentines Day!

Anthony Veluz, founder of the Socent Connection, has touched ground with these fabulous social enterprises, helping them to connect with people to enrich their lives and make the world a better place. Personally, Anthony loves Valentine’s Day! What’s there not to love, when the main purpose of it is to celebrate love, in all of its forms?

“Love yourselves, love the Earth and everything around you – do so through good choices and positive action!” – Anthony, Founder of The Socent Connection.

·      Snact: Every morning lovers start their days off being lazy in bed… Then one needs to get up and lead the way to a good day. Here’s a solution: Snact offer guilt-free, delicious, food-waste fighting snacks, letting lovebirds to indulge in bed or on the go!

·      Divine Chocolate: Valentine’s Day means chocolate… And it can’t get better than Divine Chocolate!

·      Tea People: Are you a tea person? Then Tea People is perfect for you! “We believe that ‘tea is what you make it’. Tea can be different things to different people and with a little effort, creativity and innovation, it can even become a powerful medium for social change.”

·      One Gin: It’s Gin o’clock! Here is a very special Valentine’s Day offer: “Save 15% off your order using discount code onelove15”

·      Soap Co: Eco and bee friendly, paraben and cruelty free. Enrich your bath time with detox bath Oils from Soap Co – just what you need to finish off Valentine’s Day (or any other day, for that matter!)


Do you love the positive vibes that Social Enterprises brings to the world? Contact us for a brief chat about Social Enterprise and be entered in a draw to win some of our favourite snacks – all produced with the plan to make you feel and do good on Valentine’s Day!

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